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About me

Hello 👋  I'm Sonia.

A fellow no code beginner, who wasn't sure how to search for tools and what was available. I was also lost in all the 'no code' jargon and the journey itself. I worked hours on this guide to make sure it's user friendly for you to use. It's not limited to only tools but what to EXPECT on your journey as I cover different aspects of the no code landscape. This is the guide I wish I had when I was starting out, as I would have felt more aware as to what to expect.

The idea

As I was writing notes on my notepad, I decided to add it on notion and thought about creating a guide for beginners. As I did, I added all the questions I was asking myself in the early days. I reached out to others and connected with like-minded individuals along the way. I wanted to show real examples of what creators use and breakdown the process in simpler terms. Voila!

What are people saying? 

"I was genuinely blown away when I saw what Sonia has created. She’s put serious time and effort into understanding all the different aspects of the no-code landscape and explaining them in a way beginners will understand. This should be the go-to resource for anyone entering the no-code space who’s looking to get a head start. I highly recommend it" Kieran Ball founder of LaunchMBA 

What this is 

This guide has been created for those who are starting out in the no-code space and are not sure as to how to get started. This guide is NOT for individuals who already have started on no code and have more experience in this field.

This guide features the following:

- Introduction to no code 

- Extensive glossary list 

- What is a MVP, building in public and validation

- Idea discovery and finding your niche 

- Short interviews with a few creators and breakdown on their stack and journey

- How to start on Twitter 

- Examples of what others have created 

- Compilation of twitter threads 

- Useful idea bank with over 30 + articles to get inspiration from 

- My journey, tools and suggestions 

- Tool recommendations for specific purpose 

- Bonus reading list 

- List of communities 

- Updates will be added on the coming soon sections

This is for you if: 

  • You are new to no code 
  • You have limited knowledge on what no code tools to use 
  • You want inspiration and ideas 
  • You don't know how and where to start 
  • You know of someone who could benefit using this guide (Gift them)


  • This guide does not talk about monetisation or how to start a successful business. 
  • It's a guide to show you what to expect when you are starting out.
  • It does not show you have to make a product but points out the tools to get you started. 
  • I am NOT an expert or have a tech background.


Who is this guide for?

This guide has been designed for complete beginners in no code, who have limited knowledge about the industry.

Do I need a pro plan on Notion to access the workspace?

Not at all, once purchasing you will receive a link and you can duplicate it on your free notion workspace.

Do I have lifetime access?

Yes, after purchase you will have lifetime access including all the updates I will be making.

Can I share this with my friends?

No, this copy is entitled for you only. You can direct your friend to the purchase page. It's much appreciated if you could respect a creators work, as duplicating/sharing with others hurts the work I did.

I'm a student, do you offer a discount?

Sure, hit me up on Twitter, I want to help you! We can work something out.

Can I get a refund?

Absolutely, if you feel the guide has not provided you with any value, you will get a refund within 14 days. The only thing I ask is for feedback. I take pride in my work and I genuinely want to help others.

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